Michele Brewster

The public I will address are those whom I can predict such as K-12 instructors and visitors to the Laguna Art Museum. The public I work with also includes those whom I cannot predict or know about at this time. I hope that my future work will do that which Walter Lippman describes as “an intelligent direction of social life,” that is, “the union of social science, access to facts and the art of literary presentation.”


I have learned that writing for the public sphere is therapeutic for me, as well as it is the application of academic knowledge to the real world. I stay in academia in order to contribute to the effort by universities to “make sense of difference,” as I have a personal as well as professional stake in this problem. Though I believe that as a woman of color I have been unjustly “presumed incompetent” at times, I seek to become a positive influence for others in having the strength and courage to work through this historically significant period of time. I am not separate from, but I am a part of the public I seek to reach. I see our societal problems as common to all and that gives me the inspiration to keep my academic work deeply anchored in the public sphere.