Michele Brewster

I have been learning a lot by interacting with my community partner organization over the past few weeks. The most important lessons have been to communicate as much as possible, to be generous with as much knowledge as I can possibly share, and to cultivate trust as the basis for the working partnership.

My work for the museum has already taken on a life of its own. Each relationship and each discussion helps me to shape my next step. New approaches and new ideas are always coming to me. I knew this project would show me new ways of thinking about my work and I was right. I only hope to continue cultivating a positive working atmosphere and to do the work that I hope will penetrate the pseudo in the pseudo environment.

I am excited to be writing a lesson plan for K-12 teachers that incorporates new ways of understanding 19th century California. This is one of the main goals of my summer hours. I also plan help the museum’s education department by helping to create new and innovative materials for student and school visits.

I know I will learn more about effective public engagement. ¬†For me, the most important part will be to cultivate relationships and to communicate more — and not less, as I reach out to many different people. I hope I will get to see what everyone else is doing over the summer via this blog!