Jared Katz

This quarter has been very helpful for me in terms of thinking about and organizing a community outreach program. Many of my questions and concerns have been answered and alleviated. I have, however, had some problems that I did not previously anticipate. For example, I feel confident in the curriculum I have designed, and I believe I have all of the skills necessary to run this program successfully. I have completed the 3D models of a number of the instruments that will be used in the program, and I have successfully 3D printed some of the instruments, and they turned out better than I had anticipated. I have also received very positive feedback from my community partner, MACLA, where I had intended to hold the program. The problem, however, is that, due to no fault of their own, MACLA is unsure if they will still be able to host the program.

I had a meeting with them last week and they were very supportive and seemed very interested in the program I have developed, but due to their limited staff, they are now unsure if someone can be available to be at the center when my program would be offered in the mornings, which is the only time they do not have existing programming booked. During our meeting, people were very helpful, and brainstormed a number of other centers in the area that would be interested in my program. I have reached out to several of them, and am now waiting to hear back. Due to the fact that I had intended to start the program in the end of June, I am concerned that this last minute change of venue may throw off the schedule. I am confident that I will find a location at which to hold the program, however, I may have to change the curriculum I have developed to a more condensed version depending on how much this change impacts the start date.

I have also reached out to several museums, and offered to run regular single day workshops open to the public. Should the museums prefer this approach, the workshops would use an abridged version of my curriculum, but should still provide people with a solid overview of the material. I did not anticipate having to make a change of this magnitude at this point, but I am still confident that I will be able to hold a successful program. At the end of the summer, I may have developed two curriculums, one for workshops and one for a longer program, and both should prove to be helpful.