Rachel Reeves

Frequently Asked Questions


So you want to apply to the Mellon Public Scholars Program. Great! Below we have answered some of our frequently asked questions. Please also take a look at our call for proposals and contact our program manager, Rachel Reeves with any questions: rlreeves@ucdavis.edu.


Applications are due January 4, 2017 by 5pm PST.


Who is eligible?

We are accepting applications from PhD and MFA students in the Arts, Humanities, Humanistic Social Sciences, and other humanities-based disciplines. The proposed projects must address the arts or humanities in some significant way.

Should our community partners be limited to a certain geographical region?

Community-based projects can be in any geographical location. Last year we had projects in Akwesasne Mohawk Territory, Guatemala, and Ecuador, as well as Sacramento, Oakland, and Guerneville in California.

Can I work with an on-campus community partner?

We will consider on-campus partners, but keep in mind that the purpose of original grant was to give graduate students experience working with non-university community partners.

Do I need a letter from my proposed community partner?

You do not need a letter from your proposed community partner. If you have been in conversation with a potential partner and have their support, do mention it in the proposal. We expect that these relationships will develop and change over the course of the program.

Do I need a letter from my academic advisor? From my proposed faculty mentor?

You do not need a letter of rec from your academic advisor. Feel free to mention potential faculty mentors in your proposal. One advantage of the program is access to the Davis Humanities Institute’s extensive network of potential mentors.

When does the Spring Seminar meet?

We will meet on Thursday afternoon from 2-4pm in the DHI conference room (Voorhies 228).

Can I apply for more than one pre-established project?

We ask that you apply only for the pre-established project that best suits your background and interests. You may, however, apply to carry out both one pre-established project and one project of your own design. A separate application is required for each project.

Is a budget required?

We do not require a budget.

What is the workload expectation during the summer project?

We offer the guideline of 20 hours per week for two months, but understand that this work will be negotiated between you and your community partner.

For what may the funds be used?

These funds are intended to provide your basic support. There is no requirement that the funds be used for the project.

What division do I mark on the application site? HArCS or DSS?

Mark the correct division for the department in which you are enrolled. We ask that all others mark themselves as DSS.