This week we have been asked to question what can we do over a summer–the question, I think, not only being what we can conceivably accomplish with regards to a particular project, but what kind of change we can effect for the community and public with whom we are working.

For what can I accomplish with respect to my project itself, I have established and outline and a timeline that involves a month or so of research, followed by a period of event planning. I believe I can do the research and translations that are the focal points of my project, and I also believe that I can set up an exhibition hosting these translations. While I have tried, in my proposed timeline, to be aware of the time I can spend on this project, I also recognize the need to be flexible and honest with myself. Unforeseen issues will arise that create obstacles in both research and event planning, and I must be prepared both to make cuts if need be, and to be open to adapting new elements for my project.

The question of what kind of change can I effect for my community and the public is a much more difficult–if not impossible–question to answer. I do not believe that major policy changes will arise from my project, but I do think that public education regarding the ancient site of Palmyra can be a small stepping stone in bringing awareness about the struggles of the region, which in turn could influence how people view foreign policies in the region, what donations individuals make to organizations focused on helping people in the region, and how people vote.