I will be starting with California Arts council soon. I have been having difficulty in getting them to respond to my queries. While they are friendly and helpful they take longer to respond to queries. Given, the information I have with me, I will be taking my skills as a collaborator, management graduate and researcher in to the field.
Through this project, I foresee working with art organizations in the field on one hand and staff directors within CAC on the other. My task might be to synthesize information from both these ends and evaluate the efficaciousness of one or two grant programs. I have been a collaborator for a predominant part of my life and this skill involves negotiating with multiple parties with a sense of empathy while taking hard decisions at times to move things faster towards the agreed outcome. This will require my deep understanding of the working ideology, policies, politics in place within CAC. My experience as a researcher and as a management graduate will prove very useful in handling this responsibility and dealing with people at both ends of this equation.
While the above might be the hands-on research component of the project. At the end of the scholarship tenure, by end of September, I envisage that I will be submitting a written report. This will incorporate my research done on the vocabulary of the grant programs and evaluate its ambiguity or clarity, the actual work done in the field by art organizations with the resources supplied by the grant program. The research and writing skills will be put to maximum use at this stage of the program.