Angelita Repetto, 2020 MPS Showcase

In this video, Angelita Repetto discusses the project she conducted with the California Arts Council. Angelita is a third year Ph.D. student in the department of Sociology.

She worked with the California Arts Council (CAC) to examine the racial and ethnic equity of their grant distribution. To accomplish this, she completed a content analysis on relevant literature distribution and found (1) it was likely many organizations with significant arts programming were likely to be excluded from CAC funding opportunities due to not being an official “arts organization,” and (2) that organizations that serve communities of color tend to get many smaller grants and rarely receive the largest grants. Angelita then confirmed these trends after qualitatively and quantitatively analyzing the CAC grant funding data.

Using this information, Angelita recommended the CAC (1) examine exclusionary language of tier nine grants, (2) influence organizations in California to become real allies, not performative ones, through funding opportunities, (3) expand the language of all grant tiers so that any organization with arts programming can apply, and (4) prioritize organizations for grants that have a direct impact on communities of color.