Kazumi Chin, 2021 MPS Showcase

Collecting & Presenting Narratives of Artists and Arts Workers Fighting Against Displacement in San Francisco

This project creates a space for Asian American artists concerned with the geography and space of San Francisco to showcase their work and to enter into longform communication about what their art means to them, as well as their process and ideas behind the creation of that art. The primary community partner is Kearny Street Workshop, the oldest Asian Pacific American interdisciplinary arts organization in the country. Founded in 1972 on the ground floor of the San Francisco’s International Hotel, for nearly 50 years, Kearny Street Workshop has served the Asian American community in the Bay Area through arts festivals, writing workshops, fashion shows, and other cultural events serving Asian American artists and community members in the San Francisco Bay Area. I intend to create a podcast that allows folks to more deeply engage with the artist and their artwork, as well as the kinds of discussions that emerge around the work.